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Precision Testing Solutions (PTS) specializes in the set up and CLIA accreditation of physician’s office laboratories for urine drug screening for drugs of abuse. PTS has earned its reputation nationwide as the gold standard in point of care testing consulting in clinical settings where drugs of abuse testing is medically necessary. PTS has successfully set up over 150 Moderate and High Complexity POL’s for customers nationwide, and has the expertise and professional staff physician’s offices needed to assure CLIA compliance.

PTS provides expertise in regulatory matters, staffing requirements, billing, training and support, in addition to being the exclusive source of the Siemens Syva Emit assays, the gold standard in drugs of abuse testing.

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Through our exclusive partnerships with Siemens and Syva, we provide a streamlined process for putting the most effective drugs of abuse testing capabilities in your lab. Our experienced staff can help you understand the costs and regulatory requirements for a conflict and trouble-free implementation.


For the past 10 years, the staff at Precision Testing Solutions (PTS) has provided comprehensive services to physician practices seeking to incorporate drugs of abuse testing in their offices. In keeping with the changes in CMS regulations and requirements, we have developed an exclusive relationship with Siemens to provide the industry’s finest equipment to our clients, along with the best services and expertise, to guide each customer every step of the way to becoming a fully CLIA accredited lab of either Moderate or High Complexity.

The Equipment

The Siemens name carries with it over 40 years of providing drugs of abuse testing equipment for the highest level of patient care. Siemens Viva-ProE and V-Twin analyzers process gold-standard Syva EMIT reagents for drugs of abuse testing (DAT), and can also perform validity testing of samples. Both the Viva-ProE and the V-Twin are comprehensive and efficient. Once up and running, you can have results in as little as three minutes, with up to 13 patient samples per hour tested on the Viva-ProE, and, if patient volume dictates, the V-Twin can test over 25 patients per hour. Both systems use barcode sample identification and require only minimal calibration and control procedures. The liquid, ready-to-use Syva EMIT reagents are conveniently stored right on board the machine.

Consulting and Personnel Resourcing

Along with choosing the highest quality products available for our clients, PTS has also carefully built a team of experienced and qualified experts to guide you through the process of implementing your testing lab. Our staff has designed the most straightforward approach available for getting your new lab environment ready for patient care. We are a small company, and we value each of our client’s individual needs throughout the implementation process and during operations. We are here to guide you, answer your questions, and most importantly, to see that your practice achieves its goals in testing.


With over 150 POL’s across the U.S. successfully inspected and accredited; Precision Testing Solution’s expertise in CLIA and related state regulations has a proven track record in the Moderate and High Complexity POL arena. Coupled with Precision’s exclusive relationship with Siemens for hardware, reagents and service, this allows us to provide top notch, comprehensive service which can prepare your practice’s lab to handle all of your patients’ testing needs for Urine Drug Screening. Precision Testing Solutions and Siemens will work with you, hand in hand, throughout the process of setting up and operating your lab. From the decision to explore drugs of abuse testing solutions, to the implementation of a fully operational lab, our experts will be with you every step of the way.

Here are just some of the services we provide:

  • A nationwide network of CLIA consultants to meet CLIA standards across the country
  • Step by step assistance filling out, submitting, and validating your CLIA application
  • Installation and set-up of your Siemens analyzer
  • Assistance with recruiting and staffing of Lab positions required for Moderate and High Complexity POL’s
  • Comprehensive, 3 day immersion training at a Siemens Laboratory training facility
  • Creation of a work flow protocol and policy and procedures manuals
  • Ongoing service and support for ALL aspects of operation in your lab
  • Siemens 24/7 tech support and next day onsite service for your analyzer

Precision Testing Solutions and Siemens will continue to provide their expert service and support after your lab is up and running. While Siemens will be available for any needed support of your analyzer, PTS will be available to provide necessary guidance for the ever-changing landscape of CLIA and other regulatory challenges. Our experts constantly track not only the current regulatory conditions but also changes, so that we can help our clients maintain compliance. This turn key service and support allows our clients to not only set up their lab with ease, but also keep it running seamlessly through the years as the regulatory landscape evolves.



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